Markus Gjesdal

Markus Gjesdal

SCC Racing

2086 1504 1407

Stats (2020)

GTE Driver
Hi, I am Markus Gjesdal, SCC Racing driver and a privateer racer in Norwegian Rotax Max DD2. My approach to racing has always been full send and take no prisoners. One of the most aggressive guys out there, but I tend to get the job done.

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

22 year old from southern Norway, currently a student and a go kart racer on the side.

Simracing history

Been an active sim racer since August 2014. Initially started as a preparation for kart racing the following year. I've stayed with the iRacing platform since 2014 as there hasn't been any packages or platforms that have fulfilled the need and quality that I am looking for. I've done everything from formula racing to GT and NASCAR. Right now, TCR and GT racing is the most attractive racing series' to me, but I have been looking at getting into a FR3.5 league of some kind.

iRacing highlights

P2 in the 2018 24h of Daytona
P1 on debut for SCC Racing at Watkins Glen in the VRS series
200+ laps around Spa with less than 30 incident points in a 24 hour race


Thurstmaster T300RS wheelbase (incl. Ferrari formula rim), Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals, Logitech G27 shifter/mid-console, small HD flatscreen tv from 2009 and a Petter Solberg Special edition playseat from 2007.

Real racing

Been a active competitor in Norwegian Formula K since 2015. Started out in Rotax Max Senior's, and moved over to Rotax Max DD2 in 2017. Been in DD2 ever since and I am now considering the move over to cars. I very recently did a test in a Formula Renault 1.6, and despite it being my first time ever in a race car on a race track, got very good feedback from a driving coach. Hopefully by the end of 2021 I have had a full season in car racing.