Zachary Hall

Zachary Hall

Category 5 eSports

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Stats (2020)

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

25 Years old from North Carolina. I live on the coast so one of my favorite hobbies is surfing.

Simracing history

Started Sim Racing in 2014 after I built my first PC. Became a hardcore Sim Racer after joining RacinFreeks Sim Racing League in 2016. Started team Category 5 in 2017

iRacing highlights

One Time Champion at RacinFreeks Sim Racing. All Time Wins Leader at RacinFreeks with over 50 career wins! Also have won 2 Endurance Races on iracing!(2018 24 Hours of Daytona and 2018 12 Hours of Bathurst)


Running a G29 Wheel and Pedals with a leo bodnar cable to increase pedal steps.

Real racing

I raced Atvs when I was in my early teens. Did not have the money to continue my racing but it gave me a passion and love for it.