Dean Readett

Dean Readett

Riot Sim Racing

Stats (2020)

Bit of a pleb that likes to race after a few beers, general smack talker.

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

Age: 32
Job: Tree Management Officer
Hobbies: Brewing Beer!

Simracing history

1 year on iracing
previously played F1 series and project cars

iRacing highlights

* Nurburgring 24 hours team event!
* 3rd in Rookie class AMF GT3 2019 Season 1
* 3rd in Div 5 v8 supercar series 2019 So 3


Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base
Fanatec CSL p1 Rim
Fanatec CSL Elite LC pedals
Next Level GT Ultimate Wheel stand

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