Jochem van Zuijlen

Jochem van Zuijlen

Pace Worx eSports

Stats (2020)

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

Age: 17
Job: none
Hobbies: watching football, watching motorsport and simracing

Simracing history

Played almost every codemasters F1 game with a ps4 controller, started iracing 29-11-2019

iRacing highlights

24H Nurb├╝rgring 2020 Winner w/ Bram van Essen, Daniel Crossley & Roland Born - Pace Worx Esports


Wheel: G29
Pedals: CSL Elite LC
Rig: Simlab Gt1 Evo with Sparco Grid Q seat

Real racing

Formula 1, Max Verstappen