Thijs Jelle Simons

Thijs Jelle Simons

Pace Worx eSports

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Stats (2020)

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

My name is Thijs. I am currently 19 years old. I'm still in college studying Aviation Engineering at the University of applied sciences in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I like driving and flying, and I do that both IRL and virtually. IRL I am a glider pilot and I have my Glider Pilot License. I have karting experience IRL but nothing else in the racing category. I am racing virtually with iRacing and flying virtually with condor 2/xplane/DCS.

Simracing history

I started off with a T150 wheel clamped on a desk driving F1 2016. Later on I got F1 2018 and in the mean time I got my hands on a proper racing seat (from an old car). I ordered a wheel stand from gt omega and now I have a proper setup. I enjoyed it much that I had decided to start with the expensive iRacing because I felt it was worth it. I was not wrong! Got myself an A license within 2 seasons and around 2.8k IR. My goal is to win as much endurance races as possible and to get 3k+ IR.

iRacing highlights

24H Nurburgring finished (P14, Pace Worx eSports)


Logitech G29 on a GT Omega wheelstand
PC specs;
I5 6600k @ 4GHz
GTX 1060 3GB
Single monitor 24inch

Real racing

Multiple amateur kart races (multiple wins)