Josh Lokenvitz

Josh Lokenvitz

Cancer Crew Racing

1515 1420 1308 895

Stats (2021)

Bio (Age, Job, Hobbies)

I'm a 40 year old hobby racer from the Midwest. I'm full-time military so I don't have the time/money to race for real. Enter iRacing to fill that void. I hope to build a car to run at the local dirt tracks in the near future.

Simracing History

I started iRacing in April 2020. I have since gotten the following licenses: A Asphalt Oval, B Dirt Oval, D Dirt Road. I would like to expand on my road racing a bit but that's not my focus.

Series You Race In Currently

I currently have 4 Asphalt Oval wins and 4 Dirt Oval wins. Hopefully those numbers increase drastically in the near future as I gain more comfort and confidence with my new licenses.


Desktop with single Ultra-Wide monitor, Logitech G920 wheel and pedals.

Real Racing Experience

Not at this time, hopefully soon.