Frederic Cantigneau

Frederic Cantigneau

Team Viking France

Stats on last 12 months

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

i am born in 79, truckdriver, i love simracing,all the technical side to build a setup, simulation in general and modelscale building.

Simracing history

Started with gp1 on Atari,than came gran turismo1 when i began to learn how physics work on a race car.
Began to race online with gtr1 and gtlegend, than passed on gtr2 , doing multiple endurance races.
Later came race 07(and addons) on wich i began to mod and organize championships.
And than i discovered iracing and still on it after 9 years.

Favorite séries/track/car

2014 3rd div 3 and 11th overall in Advanced mazda cup.