JC Ewing

Stats (2021)

Driver/Manager of The Cancer Crew Racing Team

Bio (Age, Job, Hobbies)

I launched the Cancer Crew Racing Team for amateur Drivers battling Cancer in all it's forms. My aim is to provide enjoyment, distraction, goals and objectives to look forward to while undergoing treatment , and or fighting and dealing with the disease on a daily basis, and an outlet for those who wish to show support to others. If you would like to donate or support us please visit https://www.cancercrewracing .

Simracing History

IRacing since May/2020 and I love it! I wish I had started years ago...but everything has it's time, and it has proven to be a fantastic pursuit to focus my time, attention and goals on.
I would recommend this to anyone who is experiencing any type of illness that would benefit from a healthy distraction along with future goals to aim for.

Series You Race In Currently

Skip Barber, Fanatec Street Stock


Dell Optiplex
Thrustmaster 150

Real Racing Experience

Formula V

Oval License


Road License


Dirt Oval License


Dirt Road License