Jody Buzbee

Jody Buzbee

Cancer Crew Racing

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Stats (2021)

Bio (Age, Job, Hobbies)

31 years old, I'm a feed store manager, hobbies are spending time with my family racing both imca dirt cars and asphalt karts. Ive been Racing since i was 8 years old started in karts moved to a asphalt truck running short tracks and now running a imca/ump modified when im not at the kart track with my son

Simracing History

i just started sim racing learning the ropes

Real Racing Experience

lots of kart tracks around texas and oklahoma
dirt tracks all around central texas

Oval License

rookie having a hard time staying out of trouble in this class

Road License

rookie have had time to start working on this yet

Dirt Oval License

just bumped up tp a class c

Dirt Road License