Edoardo d'Amicis

Edoardo d'Amicis

Absolute motorsport

Stats (2020)

Automotive engineering and Dallara master student in Modena moved from Rome. Actually competing in Formula X Italian Series Predator's Challenge with Derva Corse Team and working as division leader for Anti Roll Bars in UniMoRe Formula SAE team.

Main presentation (age, job, hobbies)

I'm 21 years old and I'm trying my best to pursue both academical and sport activies in order to complete my profile as a complete tester-engineer.
I've been driving for 15 years but I've lost my opportunities to become a professional driver,so I'm not taking the main entrance but the one in the back...
That is all you need to know about me:racing,studying and basically anything else =)
Check out my social profiles where i upload several interesting news and stuff in general

iRacing highlights

I would love to have time to spend on training with iRacing!!
I'm happy but never satisfied enough with what I'm doing and achieving

Real racing