James Hudson2

James Hudson2

DeltaSport U4K

Stats (2020)

James Hudson #53 From Appomattox, VA.

Driver Bio

Age: 26
DOB: 03/15/1993
Weight: 235
Height: 6'3"
Years iRacing: 9
Nationality: American
Home Town: Appomattox, VA
Residency: Appomattox, VA
Hobbies: Mechanic, Detailing, Vinyl/Stickers, Hunting, ATV's, pretty much anything to blow my money on that I can do something fun with or on.


NASCAR iRacing Class A Fixed / Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
NASCAR iRacing Class B Fixed/ Chevrolet Camaro
NASCAR iRacing Class C Fixed/Chevrolet Camaro

Simracing Highlights

Been on the service going on 9 years now, started back in 2011 when I started college. In the official side of iRacing, I have had over 800 starts with 47 wins and a little over 300 top 5's. Stopped offical racing around 2016 due to life changes which led to no time to compete like needed. I stayed on the service though minus about a 6 month break due to a couple issues but while on the service I never got away from the league racing side of things. Competed in top notch leagues throughout my career.


Nothing yet

Real Racing Experiences

ARCA Series Front Tire carrier for 2 years
NASCAR Truck series and Xfinity Series Tire Carrier for 2 years