Website integration: HTML code

Copy paste that code on your website to include board
<!-- iPitting needs jquery on your page (better in <head> ) -->
<script src="//"></script>

<!-- (optional) iPitting needs ChartJS on your page if you want charts (better in <head> ) -->
<script src="//"></script>

<!-- iPitting scripts to include on your page (better in <head>) -->
<style type="text/css">@import url("//");</style>
<script src="//"></script>          

<!-- iPitting HTML code (where you want to display it)  -->
<div class="ipitting_board" data-board="6637">
	<div class="ipb_loader">
		<div><img src="//" /></div>
		<div>Loading Board from ...</div>

<!-- copyright  -->

iRacing forum signature

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<a  href=""><img src="" ></a>


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